Holte Ender said...

Let me guess who's under the hood, it's a Congressman right, erm, it could any one of hundreds. I asked myself a hard question.

Jack K. said...

Of course not.

Why, everyone should pull themselves up by their own boot straps. And if they don't have boots, they should work a little harder and earn them.

Too bad that they can't find a job because no one will hire them.

Too bad they don't have the skills to get and hold a job.

Too bad they can't a decent education, because you know how lazy they are.

Too bad that they make an easy target for me to vent my spleen upon.

Too bad.....

Infidel753 said...

Fight! Fight! Fight! For the priceless God-given liberty to, uh, have your insurance cut off because of a pre-existing condition!

Karen said...

Holte~ Yep, hard question.

Jack~ Well said, my friend. And very sad.

Infidel~ Among other things. Again, very sad.

Kentucky Rain said...

Nice graphic and oh so fitting!



Karen said...

Mike~ I do find some cool stuff on the 'net because the rethugs are constantly providing fodder.

TomCat said...

Ah... the GOP alternate uniform.

Beekeepers Apprentice said...

Republicans = liberal blogger cannon fodder.