Thanks to
all my


Thankful said...

Whishing you a very happy, helathy, and peaceful New Year!

Karen said...

Thank you, thankful!


Crescendo said...

Funny blog !
Happy New Year from France !

Karen said...

crescendo, Happy New Year to you, also, & welcome to my blog!!

Kelvin said...

Kia Ora (Hello) & Happy new Year from a krazy blogger down under in New Zealand. If its "hot" maybe you should think about getting air-conditioning & serving cold drinks !!! (hehe) Great funny blog.

Karen said...

Helllo kelvin! :-)

Welcome to my blog & Happy New Year!
Great suggestions you have but it's just a wee bit cold here in good ole Michigan.
Please visit often!

Thankful said...

Hey Kelvin -

finally visited in 2/98 and ever since my dream is to move to the Otago region. But IMO, you all should stop inviting all of us as tourists... ya know the old adage, 'be careful what you wish for...'

Enjoy your summer.

Thankful said...

Hi Karen :-)

Did you notice after I mentioned Otago that a hit from that region appeared?!

Karen said...

yes, I noticed, thankful!

This is so much fun... I wish I could meet everyone in person although I feel like I already *know* them. The 'feeling' transcends through the atmosphere. What did we do before blogdom, LOL! :-)

Thankful said...

LOL - hard to imagine back to before blogdom! Let me know if you're ever headed toward Chicagoland and we'll put a gathering together to welcome you!

Karen said...

Thanks for the invite; I'll keep that in mind. :-)