sage said...

Let's not forget these silly tea parties, too.

Karen said...

sage~ Indeed!

Jack K. said...

I have an idea:

Let's do away with ALL taxes.

Let's do away with ALL government provided services.

Let's turn city hall into something else since we can't pay for it.

Let's require everyone to carry a sidearm. However, it must be a .22 cal. and be made of Nerf material.

Let's ban all ammunition except for one .44 magnum round that will be kept in an impenetrable display case in front of the old City Hall.

Let anarchy reign with or with out Barney Frank.

(btw, Barney does a pretty fair job representing his constituents.)

Let's all go out and get/stay drunk on the substance of our choice.

Let's all choose chaos and insanity.

Let's look at that stuff just written by yours truly for an example of the previous statement.

Let's give love a chance.

Let's get me off this damned soap box and off to breakfast.

Love ya all.

Karen said...

Jack~ Amen brother!

Love backacha!!! :o)

an average patriot said...

I am not happy with the tea parties and everything else Republican extremists are doing but I do like that sign!

Karen said...

patriot~ Rethugs are sure grasping at straws.

Jack K. said...

Beware the actions of ignorant people. We cannot be trusted.

Tea, anyone?


Karen said...

Jack~ Ya mean *They* cannot be trusted, right? :o)

Jack K. said...