O...O...O my... Prez O! Never seen a pic of Bush with foreign leaders having so much fun, they love our Prez!!



an average patriot said...

Isn't it wonderful? They are like giddy kids in a high school graduation picture. I love it, hope, snd the whole world has it!

Karen said...

patriot~ Yes, Prez O just seems to bring sunshine wherever he goes. Those smiles indirectly helped contribute to the rebounding stock market today.

Hope definitely is in the air!!

Jack K. said...

And why shouldn't they.

This AM at the weekly meeting of the Old Bastards one of the more conservative members was heaping accolades on our President for the manner in which he held one of the town hall meetings in Europe.

I had to sit down.

Isn't that refreshing, I asked?

I am convinced that with this approach to the situation we will recover much more quickly than ever.

America's voters have done the right thing. I am proud to have been one of them.

sage said...

they look happy, all but the Chinese guy who looks a little nervous! Maybe he's worried over who's going to buy their products

Karen said...

Jack~ Why shouldn't they, indeed. :o)

sage~ If you look closely at the Chinese guy, he is smiling.

Jack K. said...

That must be the inscrutable smile.


Karen said...

Jack~ Yep, sorta like a *half-ass* smile.


Polly said...

We ALL love your President, and his missus....He is doing you proud.

Karen said...

Polly~ Thanks!