In case you haven't already seen this, it's unbelievable!



Jack K. said...

I've seen it several times on the TV. It is absolutely priceless.

Beauty is what's on the inside. And this lady sure knows how to let it out.


Karen said...

Jack~ Yes, her voice is, well, how do you describe it ... memorizing, awesome, beautiful, sends chills down my spine, a true gift from God ...

But, it's the combination of her voice and her charm that sells the package!

I've viewed it several times on YouTube and still can't get enough of listening to her.

Fred said...

I saw this yesterday. It gave me the chills. She's going to have a few million in the bank before it's all over.

Karen said...

Fred~ Yep, millions, but as my daughter pointed out...she probably doesn't even care about the money. Most likely true because she's been singing since the age of 12 and just now debuts at the age of 47.

She did say she was doing it for her mother who just recently died.

It's definitely a warm-fuzzy fairy tail story that is greatly appreciated in the bad times we're facing now.