an average patriot said...

That's funny, I wish that party would die but the scum will find some way to use this too in their favor. They are a severe danger.

One Fly said...

Now that's good humor!

Jerry Critter said...

That's because there isn't one.

TomCat said...

To find a heartbeat on a Repuglican you have to turn them around and bend them over. ;-)

Karen said...

patriot~ Let's have a party... the one of "NO"!

One Fly~ Whatda gonna do 'cept laugh!

Jerry~ Walking dead is a excellent description.

TomCat~ Ewwww!

Oso said...

I really think the Repubs are screwed. I believe the 2008 campaign was the first time ever a Dem presidential candidate got more Wall St/banker/ins $ than the Repub.Correct me if I'm wrong but pretty sure that's so.

Their investment paid off,Obama delivered a health insurance friendly bill and is giving them an extremely watered down financial reform package.

So the Reps are reduced to just saying NO to everything,showing they're loyal to their base but Dems showed their new base/Rep old base that Dems can deliver.

How does the Repub attempt at suicide (Palin/teabaggers/Beck/Fundies) look to Wall St?

It just pushed more people to the Dem side. I think the DLC triangulation stuff paid off for Wall St and the DLC types.

The old Dem base is as screwed as the Reps are, IMO.

Karen said...

Oso~ Well said, my friend.