Another Raise For Congress

The Republican-controlled Congress is preventing an

increase in the minimum wage. They had no problem,
however, voting themselves another pay raise.

Kudos to 'jc's designs'



ckmunson said...

I wish I had a link for the transcript for something I saw on tv last week. I think it was John Stossel and David Serota on some Fox show. (I think.) Anyway Stossel kept saying "Its only 3% of the population.." as a reason why raising the minimum wage isn't a good idea. I kept thinking to myself if it was "just 3%" then whats the big deal? Its so sad.... I can't beleive the greed that we live in.

Fred said...

Well, many states have already decided that the minimum wage should be higher, so at least we have that to fall back on.

sage said...

I like the your graphic of the elephant stomping minimum wage... Of course, we should feel sorry for congress for they're having to be frugal in the aftermath of Ambramoff's scandal.

Karen said...

cj~ "Its only 3% of the population.."

... haven't heard that one, but even so, it makes it sound like they don't count, like they're not viable human beings. *sigh*

fred~ it's a 'thread' to hang on to.

sage~ like your sarcasm. it helps try to make some sense out of it all.

tao1776 said...

The best job in the country! (other than being a weather forcaster)
A politician eats, lives, rides in style. Helps in unbuckling your pants as he rides your arse to business deals, great health and retirement benefits.
It is easier for a man to give birth than maintain integrity in American politics. We are damned.

Eli Blake said...

Not so fast.

Last night there was a story out that Harry Reid is promising to use parliamentary maneuvers to prevent the Congressional pay raise from taking effect until Congress does vote a minimum wage increase. I blogged on it last night after I read the story.

Kyahgirl said...

Karen, this is completely off topic but I wanted to let you know that I put a cropped version of your 'park picture' up on the masthead of Central Snark. Come have look when you have time. ;)

Karen said...

tim~ "man to give birth"...

...i see your point!

croak~ howard and georgie sittin' in a tree, k - i - s - s - i- n - g!

eli~ believe that one when i see it!

kyahgirl~ thanks for the tip, i'll be right over!

sage said...

I linked to this page in my blog ramblings for today.

Karen said...

thx sage!