THIS IS FROM 'Live: From San Diego, CA.' ,aka, Mike! IT HAD ME ROTFLMAO...enjoy!...

It's all Clinton's fault! (or why I stopped worrying and learned to embrace Usenet)
There are some funny damn people on there for sure.

Usenet, as in newsgroups, are basically like text-based boards for arguing about everything from tortilla chips, to porn and politics.

Well, you know how all the right-wingers STILL love to blame Clinton for everything?
Here is a post that I found today on alt.politics.bush in answer to other people (those prefaced by the >> things) about Clinton:

>>> Hey, dumbass, you forgot to name the iceberg "Clinton".
>>> You loons are starting to slip.

>>Man o' Man...That Clinton is one powerful guy....out of office for nearly
>>six years and he's still responsible for all off bush,jr's fuckups!

>Yep. Every chance they get, it's Clinton's fault.

I sure hope Billy gets a mold of his erect penis then have a life like model made with newskin and then donate it to the Smithsonian Museum so that all the right wingers can go look at it in awe. For ten bucks extra maybe they can take turns squeezing it and see what it feels like to be a real man.

I'm afraid they would tremble and faint, according to them it is so powerful, it changed history and still six years later, many miles away from the capital it still is working wonders.

I swear to God, that is one of the funniest posts I have read in years. Had to pass that on..



Mike V. said...

Thanks for the link and props.

I only wish I could take credit for the quote, but I HAD to pass that on..

ckmunson said...

I suspect that in 30 years, we'll still be hearing "Wait wait wait, now CLINTON...." and hear about Monica, the blowjob and whatever joke of a rationale they'll throw out. Yep... Clinton its all him. *LOL*

The amoeba said...

Karen -


But they may have a point. Don't prick your finger on it.

Amazing on what little things the deans of events may turn. Like a scream ...


Karen said...

Tell you what I thought from the beginning of Clinton's, ah, er, little, eek, big... well, you fill in that blank...

...anyhoo, me thinks the rethugs were all very jealous of Clinton's escapades, i mean, after all he's the prez *AND* HE'S HAVIN' ALL THAT FREAKIN' FUN! That just can't be true.. boo, hoo!

Fred said...

And, if Mrs. Clinton takes the White House, does that mean thay'll have to put female private parts next to the big dick?

Jack K. said...

Fred, fair is fair.

My guess is when that happens we won't have to worry about any close connections. Or, maybe we should.

Could they be used for sex education classes? Will they be anatomically correct? Will there be private showings? Oops the pun just slipped out. Chuckle. Chuckle.

Apparently Superman is alive and well and doing everyone he can, but no one cares anymore. tsk, tsk, tsk.

The amoeba said...

me thinks the rethugs were all very jealous of Clinton's escapades

Um, no, I don't think it was jealousy. I'm sure most of Our Elected Representatives are getting theirs. I opt for "fear". Like, Bill got caught. That might get some people snooping around looking for more ...

puppytoes said...

O'C: i think you're right, in part. the other part of that equation is that the republicans can't stand the fact that, despite his canoodling, We the People continued to approve of him (and still do). flawed, and yet favored? inconceivable! (by their way of thinking).

plus, they're shaking in their collective alligator-skin boots worrying about his "better half". (i mean, they must be, they're sure going out of their way to discredit her...for that matter, they have been since bill took office back in '94!)

this was a fun post, karen! thanks for sharing! i'll save the additional "penis trivia" for another time... altho', let me just say that, when paula jones tried to nail him for trying to "nail" her, there was, apparently, testimony about a certain unique aspect to his "member"... i'm guessing more than a few folks are curious to know if it's true! (oh and it's not a size thing, in case anyone wondered! according to sources, *that* honor goes to Al Gore, who is *huge* in more areas than politics and the environment!) : D