Fred said...

Yuu find the best stuff. My Democratic students are gonna love this.

Jack K. said...

Lie and die.

Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

Perhaps the consternatives will die in the next election. At least for a while. I understand the concept of the pendulum. But, damn, it is hard to live with the results sometimes.

Jolynn said...

Lie and die. It's sad that it's so accurate.

CROAK said...

"Lie and Let Die"

"Lie and MAKE Die"

NO-one deserves this so STOP IT you two or I'll send you to your bedrooms!
(Israel and Hezbollah).. Maybe even TOGETHER!!!!

sage said...

unfortunately, they are very good at coming up with slogans that mislead, but make great sound-bites