This week's "FRIDAY FUN" features 'Mike (hale mckay)' The Pointmeister over at 'It Occurred To Me'. If you've never visited him, you are missing out because he's recently been chosen *Blog Of The Week*. So go on over and take a look, you won't be disappointed! And, oh, these cartoons are from his site!



Fred said...

Great cartoons. Off to Hale's blog now!

Oh, and have a great weekend, too.

puppytoes said...

these cartoons are a HOOT! i'm so impressed... and, like fred, i'm off to check out hale's blog!

thanks for sharin', karen!! hope you have a happy and fun weekend! xox neva

ckmunson said...

My girlfriends are going to love that first cartoon. Off to Hales blog!

Have a wondidderful weekend!

Ekta said...

These are hilarious...rofl!

Jolynn said...

Those are so funny. I'm beginning to feel like that lady. :)

Jack K. said...

Great cartoons.

Visited Hale's site. Left a comment about how you forced me to visit his site. lol

I intend to add it to my daily list of blogs to visit.


BTW, have a great weekend.

Hale McKay said...

THank you Karen for the plug. Mucho gracias to all of you who followed Karen's suggestion to visit me. I will certainly return the favor.