The three "No" nations are Israel, UK, and USA.

Kudos to 'jc's designs'

Kudos to 'Scrutiny Hooligans'


mkecurler said...

I need that second bumpersticker for my car.

One of the avant garde artists I like has a new song called Impeach My Bush. I'll try to load it to my site for you in coming weeks.

Karen said...

sabatkes~ "Impeach My Bush"...

...wish it was that easy. :-)

Fred said...

If that's a real newspaper cover, it's pretty cool. I hope you don't mind if I "borrow" it for my AP European History course.

jc said...

Hi, Karen! Always fun to see my designs multiply. ;-)


Karen said...

fred~ "borrow" away.

jc~ your designs are 'spot on' that's why i love *multiplying* them.