It's naive to think that we as Christians can tell the Iraqis how to live, therefore suicidal for the United States to stay in Iraq. We can't do anything more there. We don't know who the next Saddam will be but we do know he will be either a Shia or Sunni after they fight it out. Either way it's going to be a dictatorship with cruelty and brutality. It's despicable that Bush's lies created this mess. I'm tired of his fuckin' war!


Jay Noel said...

I had the opportunity to speak with several Iraqi refugees. They came here to the States just a couple months ago. They truly believe that without an American presence at this moment, Iraq will not be able to get it together on their own and true hell will break loose.

I am SO for an end to this, as North Korea still makes me nervous. But I do believe a straight-up exit of Iraq would plunge the country even deeper into disarray.

Karen said...

phoenix~ we would need at least 500,000 American troops in Iraq for eternity because Iraq will never be able to get it together on their own.

It's a lose-lose situation. :(

Polly said...

Me too!
I tired of this fucking war.

How many more deaths?
How many more lies?

Bring the young people home...let them live and love and have sex and babies.

I am so tired of it.