Kudos to jc's designs


Jay Noel said...

They talked about MLK Jr. in school last Friday, and it filled my 6 year old with curiosity.

It was weird...I quickly realized my son was a true tabula rasa when it came to race and skin color.

He couldn't comprehend why an African American would be treated with such inequality.

Jack K. said...

Phoenix, I'm so glad to hear that. Keep up the good works to keep him so enlightened.

Karen said...

phoenix~ it's a tribute to you for your son's beliefs... bravo!

jack~ ditto!

Polly said...

So long ago. How far have we all come? How further to go for the dream to be reality?
Education, health care, housing, pay....

Is Obama the new MLK for the new millenium?

Karen said...

peaches~ "Is Obama the new MLK for the new millenium?"

um, never thought of it that way, sounds good!