Kudo's to jc's designs


Jack K. said...

Madam Speaker, what are your instructions and guidance?

Has a nice sound to it.

Eli Blake said...

What has a better sound to is this:

Dennis, you're FIRED !!

Jay Noel said...

Those of us that are independents that voted the Dems into the Senate don't want stupid investigations all the way back to Wubba's first day in office.

If she embraces the Bush-haters to the point where the agenda all of us want to get done, it will spell the end any faith we have in the Democrats.

I hope she can move forward instead of backwards. I doubt it, though. Sounds like in her Washington Post interview over the summer that she plans on bogging down the Senate with crap that doesn't matter, like a Bush-hating witch hunt.

Karen said...

jack~ yes it does!

eli~ can't think of a better sound than that one!

phoenix~ "like a Bush-hating witch hunt."

think a lot of people would embrace that agenda wholeheartedly!

sage said...

this may sound sexist, but she look very nice up there on the podium today, I caught part of the ceremonies at lunch.

Polly said...

Loved her inclusion of children.

They are the future.

The world is sighing a little hopeful sigh tonight.

Hope she does well.

A new dawn... we are hopeful here in the rest of the world... believe me...we are watching with baited breath....

Go ..gadget go....

Doug The Una said...

I thought this might please you.

I kind of agree with Phoenix. A lot of us were voting against Republicans not for Democrats, so to keep the support of independents it will help not to be just like them.

On the other hand, investigating the warrantless wiretaps and detainments would suit me right down to the ground. I liked the fourth, fifth and eighth amendments.

Nothing could be dumber than to try to impeach the President but having said that, I would have voted to impeach for Gitmo and the wiretapping if I were in the senate. But I'm not a Democrat.

Jack K. said...

Witch hunt? I doubt it. Fact hunt? You betcha.

There is enough malfeasance to make investigations worth it. Or not.

However, there are enought other things that are more important.

Karen said...

sage~ feels soooooooo good to have a woman up there, especially a liberal woman!

peaches~ the children were wonderful and we're all hopeful again.

doug~ your thoughts do please me. just hope the Dems keep remembering why they were put back in power. we'll let them know if they don't.

jack~ there are enought other things that are more important.

one word covers it... Iraq!