Bush was allegedly in a coke hole for much of the Vietnam War, a war he "supported" but assiduously avoided, like most of the cronies and scumbags who make up his vile regime. Bush thinks other people should fight wars. Personally, he's a physical coward.

'NY Times' offers a look at how actual historians are looking at Bush's highly dubious claims that Vietnam’s lessons provide a reason for persevering in Iraq, rather than for leaving any time soon.

"The American withdrawal from Vietnam is widely remembered as an ignominious end to a misguided war — but one with few negative repercussions for the United States and its allies. By the time these Americans were lifted off a roof in Saigon in 1975, few American combat forces were left in Vietnam. Now, in urging Americans to stay the course in Iraq, President Bush is challenging that historical memory."

Kudos to 'DownWithTyranny'



Polly said...

He DARE mention Vietnam?
BTW has he been back there now?
What a crock of s***!

Like our PM he just wanted to be a 'war leader'. They think they will go down in history as some brave hero. THEY will be remembered for all the lives lost because of THEIR decision.

(Sorry for all the yelling. I am so pissed off!!)

Mary Ellen said...

Hello! I found your site from Left of Centrist,he keeps pointing out another great blog to read!

I did a post myself on Thursday or Friday (the days are beginning to blur), about George Bush's not so illustrious military career. He didn't take that flight physical needed to continue his service for any old reason...he was on drugs and he knew he would fail. He stepped on an awful lot of people to get where he is today, it makes me sick.

Great post, thanks!

two crows said...

I found you through your comment to mary ellen of divine democrat -- one of my favorite blogs.

and, how would Bush know ANYTHING about the Vietnam war? he was semiconscious the entire time.

further, it demonstrates his general IQ if he thinks equating that disaster with the current one will strengthen his cause.
yep-- that about sums him up.