jmsjoin said...

That's pretty screwed up. she musr be a Republican. You know, this environment is beyond pretty screwed up. It is beginning to be like the witch hunts in my hometown, Salem, Massachusetts. what the hell?

Jolynn said...

That's a pretty scary picture!

BBC said...

Lets see, build new safe bridges for the monkeys to cross over for no reasons other than to get to the other side to go to work or do some shopping.

But when you get right down to it few bridges are needed, it's just a way for the busy monkeys to get around faster.

And a lot of them could be lower and safer. Bridges are the least of our problems though, they don't kill a lot of monkeys compared to other ways of killing them.

Your odds at getting smacked into at a traffic light by another monkey are much greater than being on a failing bridge.

Besides, life is uncertain, eat dessert first.