How Bush's Grandfather Helped Hitler's Rise to Power

Kudos to 'Darkblack'


jmsjoin said...

You know that is all 100% right. There is no rumor here and it gets worse. Did you look at the link I supplied and the numerous stories and proof?
I have written about it numerous times over the years butI am stunned that Prescott was not held accountable and that the Bush's were allowed to happen. I can't believe the chief scum connecting Obama with the Nazi's when his grand father helped them kill Jews. Guess he forgot to brag to Israel about grampy!

BBC said...

"Hillary says she's staying in the race because there are new patterns emerging, such as lower educated white men are now supporting her. That's what she said. Polls show she has strong support among lesser-educated white males. So you know what that means: President Bush could be voting for her now."

-Jay Leno

BBC said...

"Anybody go down to the Crawford ranch for the big Jenna Bush wedding over the weekend? ... It was a lovely affair and God bless the kids. It's so nice so, sweet, romantic. But do you know there is a rice shortage? Are you aware of the fact you can't get rice in this country? So, when the wedding was over, they threw caramelized onions. That was so sweet, because at the reception, President Bush danced with his lovely daughter. It's the first time he has led in eight years." -David Letterman

"Well, John McCain said in his speech today, if he is elected president, he will fight evil. Until then, he will just continue to fight incontinence."-Jay Leno

Karen said...

patriot~ They are all evil.

bbc~ Leno is a hoot; thanks for coming over and providing some political humor!

sage said...

BBC, thanks for your remarks.

What has happened to this story since 2001? If it came out, the Republicans would have to stop complaining about the Kennedy's making their money on gin running...