In Remembrance...

Kudos to 'Left of Centrist'


BBC said...

"Didn't they try to find some good for you and me?"

Yes, they did, but if our ancestors had stayed in their birth countries and fixed things there they wouldn't have had to come here and screw things up.

And we wouldn't have to be trying to fix them. I would have been born in a different country but so what, I'm a citizen of a planet, not a country.

I was just born and live in this country is all, and I'm not very proud of it anymore.

Jolynn said...

It does seem the good die young. It's strange, but true. Why is that?

Jack K. said...

We all die when we have completed our life's mission(s).

Sometimes our deaths are dramatic.

Sometimes they quietly happen.

Sometimes no one notices.

Sometimes there is great fanfare.

No one escapes death.

The questions might be, what were the missions?

Will someone else's death help me to focus on my mission?

The choices are always mine.

It is time for the final posting of Messiah's Handbook messages.

Polly said...

Oh oh..I remember.

In a faith based country such as USA isn't time to remove that power?
Time to get back to separation of state and church and live a more cohesive existence here on this little blue planet.