BBC said...

Well, it's not just that alone, it's also a result of people wanting more than they can afford so they get in trouble during hard times and there are always hard times that come in cycles. It's a balance thing.

Well, my place is free and clear and if others stuck their necks out too far they will just have to deal with it.

Karen said...

bbc~ What we're looking at here is the highest form of 'foreclosure' on the evilest of the evilest of the evilest.

BBC said...

Dropped in to say I'm havin' a great 'Martha' day! ~Thelma~

Okay, but I'm not taking my shoes off.

bbc~ What we're looking at here is the highest form of 'foreclosure' on the evilest of the evilest of the evilest.

Karen, people get foreclosed on because they stick their necks out too far. Generally speaking of course.

Don't you think it is kind of stupid to blame the evil when it was you that jumped into the fire?

I don't actually mean you, I don't know your deal, I'm just trying to make a point.

And this is a planet of chaos so take your licks and move on, that's what I've always done.

I've given three homes to women and now I still have a free and clear place, that works for me. Money, it's just an energy that moves around and if they want it that badly they can have it because it doesn't mean much to me.

BBC said...

Silly me, I have this delusion that this planet should revolve around love instead of fancy homes.

What an old fool I am.

Karen said...

bbc~ I guess we're looking at "Foreclosure For Lack Of Leadership" through different perspectives...

...that's the White House in the background. I think AllHatNoCattle.com (owner of this photo) was trying to say that our idiot preznut needs to be kicked outa there!

BBC said...

There seems to be some confusion...I think we're looking at the photo on my site with different perspectives.

That may well be, Karen. I often see things in a different perspective than others. But I'm okay with that.

Nice weather here today, and yesterday, it's about time. Back to mowing some grass now.

sage said...

Good one!