Report on yesterday's Town Hall Meeting with Barack in Michigan. . .

Wow! What an electrifying speaker! Barack gave his signature speech and then took questions for half an hour. Someone yelled, "I love you, Barack!" And, he yelled back, "I love you, too!"

Superdelegate Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence announced her Barack endorsement on stage just before Barack came on.

Swarms of Secret Service and we had to go through the metal detectors. It's amazing how everything worked with precision. All in all, it was an awesome meeting and I'm sure he made a lot of head way in Michigan.

How exciting to have seen Barack yesterday on the eve of him becoming the Democratic nominee for President of the United States!



jmsjoin said...

And it is almost done. I just heard Feinstein say Hillary should now step down and be given the VP.
Hillary just told New York lawmakers she would accept a Veep.
Thirdly Jimmy Carter just said he would endorse Obama tonight.
I hope this is a historic night in Minnesota right where Republicans will have their convention!

I use to see a nightmare at the DNC because of Ickes making Limbaugh's dream come true but not any more.
Anyway you must have enjoyed that lucky you. I hear it is like attening a rocl concert!

Karen said...

patroit~ HC for VP... NOT!!!!

Robert Rouse said...

Karen, I'm glad you got to see him. One of the greatest moments in my life was spending a few minutes with him and one of the proudest moments in my life was when he held my son and wished him a happy birthday.

Karen said...

robert~ That's awesome!

Barack has an electrifying presence which can be felt even before his entrance. His smile lights up the room.

BBC said...

Right, HC for VP... NOT!!!

But there is still the worry of McCain. He still has a lot of pull in a Christian based country.

Jack K. said...

Barak YES

Hillary, NO

Kathleen, YES

Glad you could be there. You deserved the opportunity.

jmsjoin said...

I just heard former US Deputy AG Eric Holder and Caroline Kennedy or 2 of the 3 picked so far to search for a Veep for Obama!

BBC said...

I just heard former US Deputy AG Eric Holder and Caroline Kennedy or 2 of the 3 picked so far to search for a Veep for Obama!

That's a scam, even Obama is a politician and he picked his running mate out some time ago.

Fred said...

I don't think Obama wants anything to do with HC. But, it's politics. Anything could happen.

Karen said...

bbc~ That's a thought.

diane~ Thanks!

jack~ Kathleen, YES

Sounds good!

patriot~ Great choice.

bbc~ Maybe so, but they all have to be *vetted*, just ask Hillary.

fred~ Don't think it'll happen, Bill will never get through the *vetting* process.

sage said...

I was on vacation for this (and the Redwings win) and only read back that far! I'm glad you were able to be there.