Gesture by Barack and his wife, Michelle, is 'dap,' short for 'dignity and pride.' That's a bare-knuckles kiss.



jmsjoin said...

I saw them do that on the news and I thought it was pretty cool! Good picture Karen Thanks!

Diane said...

They rock!

Polly said...

Thanks for interpreting for us outsiders, Karen.

Good luck.

BBC said...

I'm good with it, this would be a good time for McCain to, um, disappear.

Jack K. said...

A great gesture.

I just hope whitey doesn't get too paranoid about such gestures.

They are indeed a cool couple and will do a fantastic job in the White House.

Liza said...

Michelle Obama is so gorgeous.

I think it will be nice to have a young first lady who looks great in clothes and who is also brilliant.