jmsjoin said...

I'm telling you, they are a perfect team and everyone has been great at the DNC. I am more than a little concerned knowing the scums on the right are going to bring this to new lows. I am sickened! They are already warning you have seen nothing yet. What the hell? I am willing to bet msAssHole will hold on to his nominee until after Obama's speech and announce it to steal Obama's thunder. AAARRRGGGHH!!!

BBC said...

I'm not convinced that a president can do all that he is saying that he can do. Remember, there are many that he has to get to approve of the changes and needs their votes to do that.

And of course the general voting public to deal with and they often vote with the nine year old in them for their own self interests.

Did you see the pic of Hillary at the addresses the Emilys list luncheon at a hotel in Denver?

I'll email you the pic, it sure looks like she is giving them the finger. LOL

Jack K. said...


It is true that one person cannot do it alone, particularly the president. However, we have had years of a president who was able to get a lot of things done because he had the backing of the majority.

I am hopeful that the Obama/Biden team can do the same thing except they will go in the direction of the majority of the people.

A new day may just be dawning.

Jolynn said...

Last nights speech was so great! I hope good things for this campaign. (I'm not as bad as I originally thought. I did watch!)

BBC said...

Ha, McCain has picked a female running mate. These political monkeys never cease to astound me.

I'm sure he did that only because it may be to his advantage in getting votes during his bid for office.

Had he had a better lead I don't think he would have. Interesting, very interesting.

BBC said...

I looked her up on Wiki, interesting lady. But I don't get it when it states.

"Before all this however, she was born a man."

jmsjoin said...

Can you believe after decrying this ticket and saying Obama does not have the experience to lead McAsshole picks Palin?

BBC said...

He doesn't want Palin to lead, he wants it all to himself. Actually, it would be a hoot to catch them screwing on a white house couch.

That would provide the taxpayers a little entertainment for our money.

Diane said...

BBC - Emilys list was a HUGE supporter of Hillary, and through a huge hissy fit over any woman politician supporting Obama.

I'm still pissed at them, and I take the time to tell them that when they call for donations.

McCain choosing Palin is an insult to the many women who have earned a shot. She's this year's Quayle.