One awesome Dude!

United States' Michael Phelps swims in a men's 200-meter butterfly semi-final during the swimming competitions in the National Aquatics Center at the Beijing 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2008.


Diane said...

The boy is a stud!

Karen said...

diane~ YES HE IS!!!

jmsjoin said...

He is awesome! That is a phenomenal picture of his physique! I don't have it but you should catch what he eats every day to keep him going.

Karen said...

patriot~ I sure need to *catch* something! :o)

BBC said...

Whatever, more often than not in 30 years many of them are fat slobs that have let themselves go to pot. Their star just shined for that short time. Just saying.

I don't watch the Olympics and could care less about them. So he is a stud, big deal, only in the mind. It takes more than a body to be a stud.

I'm 65 and still slim and trim and strong and whack off most days, ha, ha, ha. If I make it to 95 I'll be able to whip his fat ass in a street fight. LOL

Hell, it's likely I could whip his ass today, he's just a damn swimmer and I was raised in a mining town.

If he can't give you a good two hour sex session he may as well just swim away off the bed. Just roll him over on the floor, ha, ha, ha.

Real strong for 30 seconds, big deal, rolls eyes. It takes me that long to just get it up anymore.


Karen said...

bbc~ Uh, we were thinking more in the lines of his swimming ability rather than his sexual prowess. :o)

Jolynn said...

He is amazing!