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John McCain on August 29th, 2005, in Phoenix, the day Hurricane Katrina made landfall in New Orleans ...



jmsjoin said...

Can you beat that shit? I cujust heard McCain speaking about preparations sounding like he is in charge or something. I am so sick of this crap. More than this occurring on the 3rd anniversary of Katrina i want it remembered as occurring in time to ruin the RNC though I wish they were there and took a direct hit. Anyway I wish they would see here a message here especially after that joke of a vp pick!

BBC said...

Whatever, if you ignore it then it won't bother you so much because there is nothing you can do about it anyway.

I've been saying it for years, even before Katrina, that town needs to be moved !!! Nature needs that area. They were told not to build there in the first place.

The place is full of thugs and lowlifes and they want the rest of us to bail them out every time they get hit, screw them.

Karen said...

patriot~ McThug is flitting around trying to *act* like he cares about Gustav, but people can see right through it. The media has been playing the video of bush's Katrina fly-over.

And, they have been talking about what happened in the pic I posted... the bobbsie twins eating cake while New Orleans drowned.

bbc~ What I can do about it is continually post the truth. And, work for the Obama campaign.

BBC said...

Yes, you can post the truth as you know it hon. And I agree with what you believe.

But it seems like a lot of work to reach six readers out of seven billion people on this planet.

Blogs are cool, but you would be much more effective standing on a street with an Obama sign.

Besides, it's all water over the damn now, so you may as well relax and go camping or something.

Bush opened a can of worms even he can't fix, have you started digging your, oh, never mind.

BBC said...

Obama Offers a Beautifully Packaged Lie

Did you read that news story? It is interesting.

Hell, lets write in your name.

Fred said...

I'm amazed that the U.S. didn't learn any lessons after Andrew in 1992. Why did it take Katrina to figure it out? Anyway, it looks like the various agencies have done a great job this time around. Let's hope the levees hold.

sage said...

Karen, you'll have to read this guys take on McClain and his Veep: http://cynicalbstd.blogspot.com/2008/08/hes-likes-them-young.html

I think this hurricane was an answer to both McCain's and Obama's prayers. McCain wanted to find a way to keep Georgie Boy away from the convention and Obama wanted rain for McCain's parade (and they both got more than they asked for).