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Love Makes A Family

When two women or two men love each other and share lives and households (and sometimes children), it seems rather arbitrary to say that they have no right to legal recognition of their union. There's always some mention of protecting the "sanctity" of marriage, but those words are usually spouted by politicians who have enjoyed their sanctity with multiple spouses. Many Republican politicians have done such a bad job with their own marriages, that it might be more appropriate to consider a different sort of ban.

Most of those trying to justify the legal ban on gay marriage have to resort to religion to bolster their arguments. The whole gay marriage issue has shown the cracks in the wall that separates church and state. For a good example of what happens when there is no separation, one need look no further than the former government of Afghanistan.

Opponents who use selective parts of the bible to achieve their political agendas probably wouldn't *really* be happy in a theocracy. There are just so many rules that would put a damper on our American way of life. It would be hard for anyone to toe the line completely.

One positive result of all the attention on gay marriage is that it has shown gay men and lesbians who their friends are. Many Americans are speaking out for equality.

In the long run, it seems that our society would be a lot healthier if everyone enjoyed the right to form their lives around the people they love.



CROAK said...

Yes, yes and yes.

Jack K. said...

Great post, Karen.

You might want to read my comment to Bog's blog.

I seem to remember a line from a Beatles' song about "All we need is love."

Wasn't Jesus all about love?

Ah, well, we will live and learn. If we are lucky.

Btw, I think there are a number of Democrats who have had marriage difficulties, too.

Jolynn said...

I completely agree and I'm sick of people spouting off about the "sanctity" of marriage. These days it seems no one takes marriage seriously (including me back in the day). It's this fantasy you develop in your head and when it comes right down to it marriage isn't a fantasy world filled with kids, houses, and happiness. It's actually difficult and takes work. I won't ever make the mistake of getting married again because of kids or finances or any other reason. When I get married I want it to be for love and I think everyone should enjoy that right.

Fred said...

Nice, Karen. Here's a post that may interest you. It's good reading.

The Phoenix said...

This is a subject that I am still trying to figure out in my head. I understand both sides, and I'm still on the fence.

I think people pointing to the divorce rate and such, saying people don't practice what they preach are just using the wrong line of argument: Since society doesn't think much of marriage, let's allow gays to get legally married.

It just seems like faulty thinking.

On the other side, our country had the same opinions on interracial marriages. They believed it was unnatural and immoral. Through social change and legislation, we were able to defeat that ignorant and discriminatory way of thinking.

Overall, I feel bad for gays that are made to feel less that other couples because of what the majority of our country believes.

Can legislation magically change how people think? My issue is with renegade judges going against what the majority of his/her constituents believe.

I'm also afraid any sort of legislation allowing gay marriage could open the door to unions that are immoral, like a legal adult marrying a 12 year old. It sounds nuts, but you start writing laws, some people find ways to try to justify stuff...and using lawsuits to give them the right to engage in immoral partnerships.

Karen said...

croak~ ditto, ditto, and ditto.

jack~ read your great comment at Bog's blog.

jolynn~ i hear ya sistah!

fred~ thanks for the info.

phoenix~ good points.

puppytoes said...

oh, i'm going to make this fast, in case blogger shuts down again... (i hate them)

earlier today, i wrote a lengthy comment to this post--a post i loveloveloved, by the way--and in it i asked you if you happened to catch jon stewart's interview last nite with bill bennett. if you haven't, you should... it was uncomfortable and AMAZING!!

as for me, here's what i believe: two people love each other. they vow to remain true to each other, they respect each other, they are in possession of morals and values... i could give a rat's ass who those people are. (okay, it does matter to me that they're actually old enough to know what the hell they're committing to, but otherwise, i don't care!) these people should be allowed to do what makes sense for them. they are a family, and, by anyone's standards, should be!

i'll stop now, but i think you know what i'm talkin' about! (so glad i can leave a comment finally ... if, in fact, blogger actually allows me to do so! : D

Karen said...

puppytoes~ welcome back! stooopid blogger's been a *booger* lately!

loveloveloved your comment and agree witcha on all accounts, girlfriend!