Friday Fun!

Are you tired of hearing your spouse say: "We never do anything together."

Well, the Kohler Company has a solution:




puppytoes said...

that's just wrong for so many reasons! (and, yes, i'm laughing my ass off, even as i write!)

have a great weekend, girlfriend!! : D

Hale McKay said...

The family that relieves itself together, stays together.
...You wipe my ass and I'll wipe yours.
...Excuse me, is this stool taken?

Oops. Sorry, I thought this was a caption contest.

Eli Blake said...

Hmmm. I notice that 1) there is a flush handle on each side, so I wonder if the tank is subdivided so that only half of it can be flushed (if it is, great. If not, then you are using twice the water when only one partner is indisposed, and 2) there is only one single molded toilet seat and cover. So what happens after they go, and he wants to leave it up and she wants it down?

Eli Blake said...

Also, think what it will do to his ego if he has to urinate and she gets food poisoning. She goes in, passes him urinating, and with a sidelong glance leans over and vomits. He'll never feel manly again.

Jack K. said...


nuff said.

The Phoenix said...

There was an SNL skit about that...but the toilets faced in opposite directions, and had the couple turning slightly to face each other while they pooped.

Fred said...

So they come with his n' hers toilet paper, too?

Jolynn said...

Ew!! No thank you! But that is funny.

utenzi said...

Michele sent me, Karen.

Let's just say that I don't feel close enough to anyone to sit that close during poop-time. LOL

I think the only market for that potty would be Siamese Twins. They don't have too much choice if they happen to be joined together.

sage said...

that's funny Karen! I've seen two holers in outhouses, but never anything like that.