'This is part of an Editorial by Andrew Heller of The Flint Journal'...

I'm a new fan because of the reaction to them from conservatives, particularly radio and TV babblers.

"How dare they question our commander in chief again!" I heard one female radio babbler hiss the other day.

My reaction: Isn't that their right as Americans? Isn't it almost their duty as Americans? And aren't the troops supposedly fighting to preserve our right to disagree with our leaders?

"Furthermore," the babbler continued, "the Dixie Chicks should shut up about politics and just sing."

As a person with a lot of opinions who is neither elected nor a national media babbler, I don't happen to agree with that sentiment.

Therefore, I've decided to go buy a copy of whatever the Dixie Chicks are calling their new album.

I may not be bright, but I know how spite works.



Merle said...

Hi Karen ~~ Thanks for your visit and
comments. Glad you enjoyed the post.
Take care, Merle.

sage said...

I might buy one of their albums and I don't even like country music. But I'm not buying Ann Coulter's new book

Fred said...

I was one who didn't appreciate what they said. But, I thought the reaction was completely out of proportion. And, the media, which is based on free speech, decided to yank their songs? Ridiculous.

While I didn't agree with it at the time, heck, let 'em say it, folks! It's called democracy. Remember?

Jack K. said...

Yeah, Fred, it can also be called Freedom.

Karen, I will be checking out the availability of their new album on iTunes ASAP.

One of the things I served for was to insure the right for folks to say what they want about their country, even when they may be wrong.

I agreed to support and defend the Constitution. I also learned to respect the Office of the commander. I didn't necessarily respect the person who held the office. I must admit there were a number who were the north end of a southbound horse.

There were times when I was considered thusly.

As for Coulter, she does camouflage her harridanship well. And then she opens her mouth or turns on her PC and out comes her view of the world. She can say it, but I don't have to agree.

That's the American way.

Kyahgirl said...

In honour of this post, I'm listening to them in my office right this minutes.

Go Chicks!

Jolynn said...

This sounds like Brian. He didn't even like the Dixie Chicks (I have always been a fan, even when they said the 'controversial' statement). Now he has ordered the CD because it is so atrocious that so much was said about them for disagreeing with the President. It's so ridiculous.

Karen said...

merle~ welcome!

sage~ i hear ya and agree.

fred~ good points.

jack~ yes, American way, indeed.

kyahgirl~ Go Chicks backacha!

jolynn~ yea Brian!