Kudos to jc's designs


Hale McKay said...

I knew, I just knew that you of all people would get a kick out of that "Hillary" blurb on my sidebar.
I was laughing when I found the pic, laughing when I added the caption, laughing when I put it up, and laughing at it when I view my sight.

Feel free to "steal" it - I have a feeling she's going to be in the news and editorial cartoons as well as blogs over the next couple of years.

Chuck said...

Gore! Yes!

I just read the latest "Rolling Stone" article on Gore today and planned on addressing it tomorrow.

I can go for a Gore/Edwards ticket.

Al Gore - The LEGAL president since 2000.

Jack K. said...

Rock on.

Karen said...

mike~ love your stuff!

chuck~ "Al Gore - The LEGAL president since 2000"... love it, chuck!

how about Gore/Obama?

jack~ backacha!

David said...

wild stuff, where can I buy this.
greetings from the rabid right - and - of course, michle's

Karen said...

david~Thx for stopping. You can find those great designs here!

Eli Blake said...

That's too depressing to even think about, Karen. One thing is for sure-- if anyone still claims there is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans just point at the 2000 election to convince them otherwise.

And remember that Gore came out during summer 2002-- when the administration started ratcheting things up for the Iraq war-- and said that shifting our focus awya from Afghanistan and starting another war in Iraq would be a grave mistake.

Boy, was he right.