What more does one need to say?

We have the captain of the Titanic heading our nation straight into the iceberg of reality.

Several years ago he declared major military combat operations over in Iraq. Since that time hundreds and hundreds of GIs have died. Only a relatively small number died up until Bush's "Mission Accomplished" PR stunt.

Now, we are sailing nearer the iceberg of destruction, as our captain pathologically "stays the course" of disaster.

Would any major corporation in America hire this psychiatrically impaired fool to be their CEO?

Would any of the corporate media conglomerates that continue to support his psychotic and destructive policies let Bush run their media empires?

Of course not. They know that the guy is as dangerous as a wolf on LSD -- and that he is strategically disabled. But they need him for tax breaks, regulatory relief, and business favors.

So they cut him some slack and let American GIs and Iraqis needlessly die because of their greed.



Jack K. said...

Some thoughts come to mind.

1. Perhaps he is waiting for global warming to melt the iceberg.

2. Yep, some major corporations would hire him and then pay him millions/billions when he was fired.

3. At least we only need to wait another couple of years and he will be gone. His retirement pay won't be millions/billions. Well, billions anyway.

4. Perhaps the Congress can get its act together long enough to support the troops so that their withdrawal won't lead to many mor casualties.

5. At this time in the conflict, removing the troops will be a major undertaking. It isn't only personnel, but equipment that must be dealt with.

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Peaches said...

Oh god.. another 12 have died since I checked your blog. Oh god!!! So so sorry.

See there? See just behind the ship..no I don't suppose you can see it...but there is the row-boat HMAS Lil Johnny Howard... being towed along in the wake of the powerful American ship.
Where are you taking us? Why are we following? What do they think is going to happen?
Guess as long as it doesn't include their little boys and girls, ay folks?

Good piece, as usual, Karen.

Keep up the good work. We need you.

sage said...

i like your counter! Georgie Boy, when has a president made a major speech and over 60% of the people the next day think he's a fool (or at least think he's wrong)?

Chuck said...

Very good post!

The country is collectively waking up in 2007. But is it too late?

Eli Blake said...

He's a compulsive gambler. He has nothing in his hand, but he's already in so deep that he keeps raising.

Only every time he raises the bid, it's not in cash (at least not his cash). It's in American bodies.

Karen said...

Again, thx everyone for your comments... been busy lately with other things and kinda neglecting the blogsphere.