Only the Right Wing spin machines could turn Barbara Boxer's comments about accountability in Iraq into a chance to attack her feminism.

The best commentary I've seen on this sad situation comes from Elijah Emily Nella:

"Welcome to the fourth wave of feminism: Republican Feminism. If you didn't understand Post-Feminism, your head's going to spin around this one . This New Wave is gaining popularity and media attention Susan B. Anthony would never have dreamt about. This feminism has Rush Limbaugh on it's side". . .
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The Phoenix said...

When I watched Barbara Boxer make her comment, I too was a little confused. After a little bit, it became clear what she meant. To be honest, what she said sounded like what might come out of a high school debate kid's mouth. I got what she was trying to say, but the way she said it was far from eloquent and effective.

Rice took advantage of Boxer's lack of verbal conciseness to completely take the message out of context. Major deflection.

Finally - Rush Limbaugh...I don't think anyone takes him seriously. He's actually entertaining - but not in the way he thinks he is. He's good for a laugh, that's for sure.

Jack K. said...

When all else fails, deflect.

I couldn't believe it when I heard the exchange. I understood what Boxer was saying and Rice's response was totally way off base. Ah well, see the sentence above.

Hale McKay said...

I too was confused, but because Rice spun it her way I realized what she was trying to say.

I compare Rush and Dr. Phil - both irrelevant, worthy of being ignored.

Karen said...

It was getting kinda *soap operaish*, eh?

Thx, everyone for your input!