Her Majesty said...

Hehe...I never handle the "spring" with ease. Now, the "fall" I can deal with!

Here from Michele's.

Karen said...

her majesty~ wish they would just stick with one time all year!

thx for stoppin' by. :+)

Mr. Althouse said...

I'd say it's a done deal...

Michele sent me,


Karen said...

mr. althouse~ great! and welcome!

Karen said...

Wouldn't that be GREAT?! Then we could skip all those stupid political ads and empty promises.

I ABHOR election years!

Michele sent me!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Ooh, boy, that's a good one.

Thanks for visiting West of Mars! Hope you'll come back.

Karen said...

karen~ it would be great to miss all those ads AND stay on the same time all year.

thx for visiting!

susan~ i will return!

Bob-kat said...

Very clever!

Thanks for dropping by my blog :-) If you do the Visual DNA widget I'll pop back adn take a look!

Karen said...

bob-kat~ i will do it and then let you know and thx for coming by!

BBC said...

I'm still out to lunch on the 08 selections so far.

Like I keep saying, the big nuts rise to the top and then we have to vote for one of them.

Democracy gives you the government you deserve.

Even Obama is a christian.


BBC said...

It's interesting that you love Gandhi.

It's also interesting that you would not live with him.

Needy women are what made him what he is.

Did you know that?

Karen said...

bbc~ "It's interesting that you love Gandhi."

huh!?! did i say that!?! :+)

Jack K. said...

Been by a couple of times. Didn't have anything to say then, don't have much to say now.

Agree with the idea of doing away with DST. It was helpful before farm implements had lights. tee hee

It was tne Namaste` that gave your admiration of Ghandi away. snorx.

Karen said...

jack~ oops! i see!!

tee, hee