'McDonald’s' is fattening up its menu, testing the concept of putting one-third of a pound of beef on a bun. It would be its biggest burger yet.

The Angus Third Pounder is being tested in California. It tastes like really big, super-sized Big N' Tasty. The patty is a little bit like a bigger, better Quarter Pounder.

Go here for a unique Mickey D's drive-through experience!


PI said...

Namaste Karen and thanks for reminding me of my Indian travels. Michele also says namaste!

Star said...

Michele sent me karen. I remeber when McDonalds first opened. The burgers were the sze of the ones in the kiddie meals today. Ad we though they were big enough.

kenju said...

Yes, Michele and I both say namaste! I cannot think that any human needs to eat so much at one time. We are killing ourselves with our greed (ours for food and McDonald's(and others) for money).

Diane said...

My memories are like star's - a hamburger, fries and soda were sold in a size not even available today . . . but I have to admit to a weak spot for Sausage Egg McMuffins

Pearl said...

Wow, that's meat enough to take home and make 2 leftover meals of.

Michele sent me to feast on your site. I'll peruse your other offerings...

craziequeen said...

namaste, Karen.

Bigger burgers?? Isn't it time to start making them smaller, rather than bigger?

As the burgers get bigger, I am so relieved I am vegetarian. I don't eat at Maccy D's on principle.

Michele sent me to say hi.

PI said...

I'm here again as I got two for the price of one at Michele's.
I never go to Mcdonalds - I just associate it with junk food and don't need any more vices. I'm wicked enough!

Karen said...

Thx everyone for stoppin' in for a Mickey D's!

My fav when I'm bad is a fish sandwich and fries.

When I'm good it's a salad.

Have a Great Day!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

The bun looks tasty... But the burger? I agree -- too much food for little me!

Carmi said...

I keep wondering when our society's obsession with fast food will finally die off.

It's gotta happen sooner or later. I'm counting the days.