Carina said...

Hahahaha that would serve him right.

sage said...

It's not funny but it is! thanks for the laugh

Diane said...

Cheney - more proof that only the good die young

Karen said...

carina~ ya think!?!

sage~ know whatcha mean.

diane~ unfortunate, but true.

The Phoenix said...

Good one. This guy has 26 lives.

BBC said...

Well, the media being the media, it's hard to tell what is true anymore. It's been a long time since I was in the Navy but back then conditions everywhere I worked where great.

The military has always had a thing about neatness and cleanliness. Inspections and all that.

It may not be as bad at Walter Reed as they are saying. I don't know of course, I'm not there.

In hard times I know that I would rather have a military doctor than a civilian one, they just get better training in some ways.

BBC said...


Have you watched the movie

The Notebook


If not, don't watch it. It's sappy.

Oh, wait, I like sappy movies.

Never mind.

Karen said...

phoenix~ which is one life too many!

bbc~ glad you filled us in since i have no first-hand knowledge of life in the military.

Diane said...

bbc - out here in California, sadly, the VA hospitals are notoriously bad, and have been for quite some time

onandon said...

Guess you couldn't get him sent to Iraq in uniform could you?