Have you tried to find out if there are any other people with your name and what they do? Use the Google link (below), type in your name and list what they do.


My answers are:

* Government contractor

* Technical writer

* College student

* Web Site Administrator and HTML Programmer

* Graphic designer

* Author

* Pop Piano Singer and Songwriter

Now it's over to you....

Got this fun idea from here!


BBC said...

I've googled my name before and there are a lot of folks with my name.

As for what they do, it would be impossible for any of them to have followed my complex trail of trades and experiences as I've traveled through sixty-three years of life on this planet as Billy B.

Google only tracks the first and last name well, try the middle name also, I'm one of a kind. :-)

Carina said...

My name comes up with pages and pages of links...to ME. :) Mostly to do with my book and some other various writing.
Nobody else has my name and I have an unnervingly prolific online presence. Yikes.

Jack K. said...

This is going to tickle your funny bone.

I googled my name and got 52 responses that were not repeats. They were all about me. Maybe it was because I put my name in quotes.

For a rather self-centered kind of guy, I don't know whether to be flattered or crushed.

See if I follow any of your mandates in the future. tee hee giggle giggle snerx snorx guffaw ROTFLMAO

Karen said...

bbc~ i will try the middle name, thx!

carina~ you have a book... kEwL!!

jack~ mandates, smandates!

tee hee giggle giggle snerx snorx guffaw right backacha!

sage said...

No bank robbers or cat buglars?

kenju said...

I can only find 2 of them. One works at a medical center in Chicago and the other is married to a man who is famous for his barbecue sauce in Florida.

Michele sent me.