For your 4th of July pleasure, I've left this Crossword Puzzle to keep you busy until Namaste' resumes regular programming July 5th! Enjoy!! And have a safe, fun holiday weekend!!

The first president of the United States
4. The kind of melon that many people eat on the Fourth.
7. The national bird
9. Who made the first flag. Betsy ______
11. The number of stripes on the flags that stands for the number of original colonies
12. This game is played at picnics. You throw something that is taken off the feet of horses
14. One if by land and two if by ____
15. The number of stars on the United States Flag

1. Fourth of July is also called ________ Day
3. Many people set these off on the Fourth of July
5. Paul Revere road through the streets saying "The _____ _____ are coming!"
6. Many people have one of these on the Fourth of July. It is where you eat outside.
7. Fourth of July is the United States _______
8. Red, white and _____
10. These are grilled and put on a bun. hot ____
13. Many people do this during the summer. You can do this in a lake, pool or ocean.

btw, if you think you need the answers {grin} you can click here, but no peekin' til ya finish!


mkecurler said...

Have a wonderful 4th, Karen!

Eli Blake said...

(since this is fire season here in Arizona) is 6 down, '10 (min) evac?'

Is 10 down, 'LIPS ?'

Is 13 down 'bump' (underwater?)

Fred said...

Oohh, I love crossword puzzles.

Have a great holiday, Karen!

sage said...

if only the Time's puzzles were this easy! Have a great 4th!

Carina said...

Happy 4th!
14 down is carrier pigeon. :)

Hale McKay said...

Have a wonder 4th of July, Karen.

puppytoes said...

normally, i like to do the crossword puzzles in the kitchen. but in this case... i'll stay in the office. (hope it won't be too hard getting this ink off my screen)

HAPPY 4TH KAREN!! see ya wednesday!! xoxox

Anand said...

oh damn!
Just when I have a terribly busy day at work!
Not fair!

Jay Noel said...

You have yourself a great holiday!

jc said...

Happy 4th backatcha! :-)

puppytoes said...

HAPPY 4th, Girlfriend!! hope you've enjoyed a lovely, LAZY long weekend!! xoxo

~ Neva

Kyahgirl said...

Hope you're having a great day!