"10 years after the 'TWA 800 tragedy', doubts abound and conspiracy claims persist despite finding the fuel-tank blast destroyed the 747.

People still question the official conclusion, reached in 2000, that TWA 800 was destroyed by an explosion in the Boeing 747’s center fuel tank, likely caused by a spark from a wiring short-circuit"...

(Hubby has contended from day one TWA 800 was shot down by a stinger missile provided to the Majahadeen by the Reagan administration to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. It was then covered up by our government because the truth would be too damaging even for a Democratic administration.)

WEIGH IN! What is your theory on what happened to TWA 800!?!

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ckmunson said...

Karen that has been 10 years now? I was living with my grandma at the time, during the summers I spent at the lake with bestemore. I had to laugh when I read your post, my grandma had the same theory as your husband at the time - I'll have to tell her its not just her. :)

After briefly looking at a few websites I think I might have to agree that it was not the spark in the center fuel tank ....

www.whatreallyhappened.com has a lot of different info on it. Hummmmmmm

Hale McKay said...

I tended then and still believe it was shot down - maybe by mistake and incompetence - but shot down nonetheless.

Eli Blake said...

Hate to rain on the parade, but this is one situation that I actually believe.

First, if it were shot down by terrorists, they could easily enough claim it was a missle made by someone else, but it would give them an opening to slap on all kinds of new restrictions (as they did after the McVeigh bombing a couple of years earlier), it's hard to see why they wouldn't take it.

Second, Boeing got hit with some big lawsuits, that they wouldn't have gotten hit with if it were a terrorist bombing. So they tried to suggest this and influence the probe in that direction, and failed.

Third, the center fuel tank problem has not been resolved. Another one exploded just a couple of months ago on the ground in India.

Carina said...

I remember when that happened too....the biggest alternative theory being it was friendly fire from a Navy ship conducting exercises.
I really haven't a clue! Maybe the most sensible thing is just to believe everything the nice people from the federal government tells us.

puppytoes said...

yeah...it's pretty hard to take what the government tells us at face value, isn't it?

that said, i don't find it impossible to believe a spark or some random thing caused the explosion... it's not as sexy, but human/mechanical error has been known to cause terrible accidents. maybe i just want to think that, because i then want to believe that there have been better inspections of airliners since that explosion, making air travel safer... for me!

thanks for RE-planting that seed of doubt, karen... and here i was getting all set to go visit family in California... aieeeeee! xox

Jack K. said...

Thanks to cj for this TWA 800 what happened site.

It is a very interesting article.

Read it and draw our own conclusions.

At the time it happened my wife and I were traveling in Europe. We were on a train from Munich to Dijon when we noticed the headlines on a German magazine of another person on the train.

It was rather disconcerting, to say the least. We were scheduled to return to the US on a TWA flight.

We have made several trips back to Europe since then. We think when it is our time to transition then we will. So we life as fully as we can.

Jay Noel said...

That conspiracy stuff sounds more like good fiction to me.

What does scare me is: so what have the plane manufactures done to make their planes safer?

The amoeba said...

Don't know about the rest of you, but every time I fly a 747 or A-320 or other similar jumbo plane, my dominant thought is:

"They're getting a city block safely off the ground and back down again."

It is utterly amazing to me to what extent we have come to take for granted the technology with which we have surrounded ourselves. Just a century ago, no human had ever left the ground safely in a heavier-than-air craft. And now we absolutely expect to get from Chicago to Buenos Aires in one jump and in absolute security. And invent conspiracy theories when this doesn't happen.

Just imagine if airplanes were PCs running Windows ... which isn't too far removed from what the commercial air services were like in the 1920s and '30s.

Eli, I think you're right on the money with your take on this.

Karen said...

cj~ thanks for the link, like you said, lots of different info.

hale~ no argument here.

eli~ interesting theories.

carina~ "Naaahhhhh"..... ditto!

puppytoes~ "aieeeeee"! backacha!

joel~ no surprise there since our gov. doesn't have all their bases covered even after 9-11.

jack~ kinda reminds me of 1988 when i went to London with my Mom on the day the U.S. shot the Iranian AirBus outa the sky. also, that same year PanAm 108 was blowin up over Lockerbie... we flew PanAm to Europe that year. my sister and her husband worked for PanAm, took that flight many times before.

phoenix~ "What does scare me is: so what have the plane manufactures done to make their planes safer?"

...same thing the gov has done to make us safer since 9-11... scary, eh!?!

o~ good *food for thought*.

ckmunson said...

I am never able to link right... Thanks to Jack for putting that up there.

I did a lot of reading last night off that site, and goodness.... I had a hard time falling asleep.

tao1776 said...

This I do know from a fellow involved in war games...there was apparently a rather large scale, however very secret cross military war games going on from the coast of NY to the Carolinas. It was speculated that it was a missle fired accidently by one of our own.

Fred said...

I'm one of the boring ones. I think it was correctly diagnosed - there is no cover-up.