Don't sacrifice security with any old condom! Get Bush Condoms and enjoy the same security that Iraq enjoys!



ckmunson said...

ha ha ha ha ha I will have to show my mom that one!

Ekta said...

Perfect one on bush!:-)

Jolynn said...

Who comes up with this stuff? That's great!

puppytoes said...

yes, but can we trust that "protection" to do the job??

hee hee! too funny! (where the heck do you find this stuff?)

xox neva

Jack K. said...


Are they ribbed?

Do they come in flavors?

Do they glow in the dark?

Are they battery operated?

Are they equipped with electronic interfaces?

Snerk, snork, chortle, chuckle, guffaw, and a giggle or two.

You have a wonderful imagination to come up with these things.

mkecurler said...

check out my post for 7/12. he was at my work! ughhhhhhh!

Eli Blake said...

Why not? Even his shit is classified (I wonder how they stamp 'top secret' and affix a Presidential seal to a turd)!

So why not have a Bush condom? Maybe if Clinton had thought of having one, and then getting his bodily releases classified, we'd never have had to endure the impeachment trial.

Fred said...

Funny, I haven't seen these on the shelf yet. :)

Karen said...

talky~ welcome!

cj~ your mom sounds like my kinda person.

ekta~ prolly only thing perfect 'bout him, ya think!?! :-)

joel~ thanks!

jolynn~ hubby received this one in his email, glad you liked it.

neva~ can't trust any protection given by the bushies.

jack~ don't know 'bout all yer questions but maybe we could *reinvent* your design suggestions and make lots of dollar$$!

tee, hee!

sabatkes~ double "ughhhhhhh"!

eli~ "affix a Presidential seal to a turd)!"

... they already have! {snicker}

fred~ that's cause their nu-ku-lar which makes it ir-rev-el-ent!