Jack K. said...

While they may not be Simon's words, they do have a ring of truth to them. Unfortunately.

an average patriot said...

So what do they do they make the stupid bastard President to cheerlead their misagenda on us and the world. I am peeved is a gross underestimate!

BBC said...

Of course he has talent, the talent to screw everything all up.

And I think that he may have a devious plan to take over the country somehow, I wouldn't put that past him.

I don't think that he can pull it off, but I sort of have to admire the little bastard for trying.

Going to be a pretty interesting year, I think.

sage said...

But hey, he's bribing the entire country with rebate checks so we will think well of him and maybe vote for him in "American Idolatry"

Polly said...

Yes yes yes.
Good one as usual!!