Everyone's talkin' about the possibility!



BBC said...

What possibility? It's just the next rich big nut working their way to the top of the pile. Be it a female or a man of color, or whatever.

Is there anyone left out there who does not yet understand that our government is a plutocracy?

Polly said...

Wow now there is a photo!

Actually hearing Barack speaking I am moved to believe that America may get her heart back..but I am scared by the power of the gun over there.

I hope he stays safe and that he gets a good run.

I refuse to be as cynical as bbc...I want to continue to believe in hope as the glue that brings humans back to the heart of things.

What a new look you have, Karen.
A new look for a new era, perhaps??


Jack K. said...

Yeah, it is a plutocracy. It was designed that way. The king was replaced by the other rich men.

At least they thought that a democratic approach might give some balance.

btw, I wonder how some of the not-rich folks would govern? Just a thought.

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Just for once I'd like to see a woman win the presidency.

Robert Rouse said...

I'm not sure Obama will choose Edwards. There is a strong possibility that he might, but two senators tried the last time around and it didn't take - at least not the way Ohio counted the votes. However, he might just choose Edwards since they both represent change. I wouldn't mind seeing Obama choose Bill Richardson. Richardson is certainly the most experienced man running and we need a man with diplomatic experience in the administration. Not to mention the historical significance that would play around the world of having the first African-American president and the first Hispanic VP. It would certainly go a long way toward changing the way the rest of the world looks at us.

Polly said...

Hey Jack, how about giving it a try..I thought in the land of the free anything is possible..weren't you all brought up to believe that 'anyone' can be Pres! Well just maybe we 'not rich folk' might have a realistic view of how it is to struggle and how to budget within our means...see that is just the start.