Miserable Failure

Failed to win the 2000 election.
Failed to "unite".
Failed to capitalize on the strong economy left by the previous administration.
Failed to build on the ground breaking work in improving relations with N. Korea.
Failed to listen to pre 9/11 terror warnings.
Failed to find OBL, the person behind the outrage that was 9/11.
Failed to listen to all those who told him that Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11.
Failed to listen to all those who told him that Saddam didn't have WMD.
Failed to understand the use and power of diplomacy to achieve anything!
Failed the US army by lack of planning for "what happens later ...."
Failed the people of New Orleans.
Failed to protect the constitution (his sworn duty!)
Failed to recognize climate change and the need to address it.
Failed the Office of the President.
Failed the American people.

The list goes on ..... and on .....

Kudos to 'All Hat No Cattle'


Jack K. said...

Sobering post.

BBC said...

2008 should be very interesting. But just more of the same old crap I think.

I expect hard times, and if they don't happen, it just puts me in a better position anyway for being as prepared for them as I can get.

an average patriot said...

He is on a different Agenda that is why the smug B@# can say this has been a total success.
BBC I hate to say it but this should be the worst as Bush is running out of time, speeding this mess up, and has yet to create his greatest damage.

an average patriot said...

I just added you to my Blogroll so I can keep up with your stories. I looked around and like what I see. You'll be seeing me around!

DoubleCinco said...


I used and gave credit for your list of failures on The Mahablog in her January 10th Repression post.

My idea is a t-shirt that says
January 18, 2009, The End of An Error followed by your list of failures.

Very nice work here. Keep that inner light shining.

Karen said...

jack~ :o(

bbc~ sad state of affairs.

'patriot~ welcome! I've added you here, as well.

'cinco~ welcome and thx! can't wait to wear the t-shirt.

Diane said...

oy vey

Polly said...

Well notated, Karen.
He has, in fact, failed the world and the meaning of 'democracy'..because even if you don't like the party/people in other countries vote in ( eg Palestine) stiff cheddar because that is what democracy is...and he should know because he was the one the rest of us had to tolerate leading the USA for all these years and we had to just put up with it, even though some of our young men have died in a stupid invasion.

You are so good at this.
Well done..An AA++ for you!

Jolynn said...

I'm very excited to vote for a new president.

sage said...

Great photo! and a sobering list!