Cheney Legacy ‘08



BBC said...

I keep wondering what devious plan they are cooking up.

an average patriot said...

That hateful war monger face just peeves me. Who the hell could vote for those idiots knowing what they would do and they will create more war soon. They have plenty of time and plenty of opportunities. Bush has yet to do his greatest harm!

Diane said...

he is evil

Jolynn said...

He's so creepy!

Jack K. said...

One of my OB, Friday morning coffee buddies mentioned something this morning that I didn't know.

Apparently Cheney's daughter is a Mid-East specialist at the State Department.

Don't know if it is true for sure, but my source is reliable.

I am not sure what it says about the war and waging it.

Jack K. said...

Actually, it says several things.

1) She was listened to and doesn't know anything about the Mid-East.

2) She was listened to and was discounted for being a woman.

3) She was sold a bill of goods by papa.

4) She is heavily invested in oil stocks.

5) She hasn't the foggiest idea of the potential outcome of waging such a war.

Polly said...

He will be remembered as the mongrel who shut down our largest (Oz) city for "his safety" sake.
Glad to see the back of him.