Polly said...

Proof they have to change their stand against gay marriage, at last!
So so disappointed in McCain..as an ex vet he should know better.
Why would he want any other young people to go through a tenth of what he experienced? OH..that is right, money and power. oops.

BBC said...


an average patriot said...

That's sickening, man that picture needs no words and definitely speaks thousands. Sickening!

Diane said...

The Dems should start running Bush's anti-McCain ads from 2000

an average patriot said...

That is a super idea. I hope they think of it!

Karen said...

polly~ oops. indeed.

bbc~ backacha!

patriot~ sickeningly phony, eh!!

diane~ OMG! ROCK ON!!

patriot~ wonder how we could get the word out, maybe through MoveOn.