Jack K. said...

It is time for talking, and then action.

Go Obama, Go.

You should be the next pres.

BBC said...

I've head complaints about Obama not having any real experience with world relations, dealing with other countries.

Big deal, our dealing with other countries have always been about us getting the best advantage.

I think all Obama has to do is to say, "We want to be your friend, lets talk about friendship, lets not make it about who has the best advantage."

Or something like that.

Diane said...

I pray every day that we get a Dem in the White House

BBC said...

Karen for president? I don't think she is stupid enough to want to be the president of this country.

If however she could be queen of her own country or planet I'm assuming that she would do a fine job.

Well, when she isn't driving convertibles over cliffs. LOL

Polly said...

Quite praying America and DO something!