WOW! Eat your heart out Bush!!



~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Oh! Now that's a cool pose. Bush cannot achieve this look in a million years and he's a Texan!

BBC said...

When Bush was a young drugged up drunk he ran into a train while riding a horse.

It was a real mess with parts of man and horse all over the place.

When they put him back together they got mixed up and used the horses ass and brain.

an average patriot said...

He definitely looks good with the hat on. Bush the idiot looks like a dumb ass period!

an average patriot said...

You're a riot! I was starting to read it and I was thinking I don't doubt it. Bush is a horses ass but that isn't nice to the horse. He just peeves me to no end.

Polly said...

Now there is someone you could follow.
Young, vibrant,handsome, talented, new ideas and with a brain...
Go on US, give it a go!

BBC said...

"Democracy supports guns!"

This is true, but I hope that you have a gun. This is not a peaceful country and may go into anarchy, in that case you would find a gun to be very useful.

Unless you are ok with people taking what you have and raping you as they force their free will on you. I don’t think that Thelma and Louise would put up with that crap.

I’m a peaceful man, but I have a gun for personal protection, and I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot anyone that came on my property to fuck with me or anyone I love. “You want to take my possessions and food and rape my mate? You’ll have to get past 14 bullets as fast as I can pull the trigger on this semiautomatic.

It hasn’t got anything to do with democracy, we have a nature given right to defend ourselves. Most animals have ways of defending themselves, we have evolved to having guns to defend ourselves. And I’m a marksmen, anyone screwing with me had better be a better shot than I am.

I know that you love peace just as much as I do, but I suggest that if you don’t have a gun that you go buy one. And learn how to use it, and be willing to use it if you have to.

BBC said...

Or you can call 911. Ha, ha, ha.

Karen said...

cute pants~ he sure is... all hat, no cattle!

bbc~ oh, so that's what's wrong with him!! :o)

patriot~ Barack is a classy guy and what a contrast to the present idiot-in-chief!

polly~ we intend to and love the encouragement from down under.

bbc~ oh, so you're one of those gun nuts!!

BBC said...

No, I am not a gun nut. I hate guns, but I have one for defense.

BBC said...

Or in case I have to shoot something to survive, it's all about surviving you know.

A wolf will use it's teeth, I will use a gun, that is just the way of it.

Karen said...

bbc~ I stand firm on my guns opposition.