Kudos to 'Down With Tyranny'


BBC said...

It's hard to predict how the next year is going to be, but I'm not hopeful.

an average patriot said...

I red that! McCain will be greatly debunked. I know Obama can do it. What McCain calls success is a failure.
That Government has yet to stand up and will not. Bush paying the Sunni $300 a month per man to fight for him is the reason for success.
McCain is going to sink and his idiocy on Iraq will come ouand do it.

Jack K. said...

My wife read in our local paper that a national poll puts Obama 14 points ahead of Clinton. Unfortunately, it also puts McCain ahead of both of them.

sage said...

Although I don't like McCain's position on the war, I trust him more than our current idiot, I mean president... At least, I feel he won't support torture and he'll be more honest.

Over all, I am sick and tired of this election--and I use to think the NBA play-offs went for an eternity--and how many more debates will we have to endure?

Karen said...

bbc~ I AM HOPEFUL. :o)

patriot~ Agree!

jack~ The only poll I've see with Barack trailing by 3% was the Rasmussen poll.

And here's why, it happened after the NYT article..." McCain now leads Obama 46% to 43% and Clinton 48% to 43%. McCain has consistently held a modest lead over Clinton but he moved ahead of Obama only after publication of the controversial New York Times article last week."

When it settles down, he'll bounce right back up. Funny thing that it's only the Rasmussen poll that shows those results. Makes me wonder who they're polling.

sage~ Hopefully that was the last debate for awhile. I think Barack was placating Hill with these last two debates.

He would have come off arrogant if he hadn't. Although sometimes arrogance and confidence are a fine line.