Here he comes to save the day. . . hubris ego!

Kudos to 'driftglass'


an average patriot said...

Last I heard he was going to announce today. Did he? He will not have an effect on Obama. I respect Ralph. We need to hear from him but he will never be elected.

Karen said...

patriot~ I hear what you're saying, but my respect for Nader just keeps eroding. In my opinion, he comes across as egotistical, stepping in at the last minute to save us all!

He would have my respect if he threw his hat into the ring from the beginning and ran his campaign right along with everyone else.

Setting all that aside, he has some good points.

an average patriot said...

He does come off a bit pompous and egotistical but I have been listening to him since the mid 60s and he is on our side and has a view that should be heard. Just MHO! He knows he is not a serious contender he just wants to be heard!

BBC said...

Save the day. Yeah, right. I suggest that you stock up on rice, beans, flower, seasonings and things like that because you are in for a bumpy ride for the next 20-30 years.

Things are going to change and the best thing to do is get ready for it like I have.