Diane said...

OF course, the mis-information begs the question - what would be so wrong if he was a muslim?

Karen said...

diane~ good question.

on the other hand, pic represents the typical 'Faux News' watcher.

Jack K. said...

Well, that clears up one mystery.

We would rather discriminate than be .......? You fill in the blank.

It irks me to think that folks will believe anything.

Diane, I agree with you. I remember the hullabaloo about electing a Roman Catholic to the presidency. That turned out reasonably well. Unless the Pope hired Oswald. So much for conspiracy theory.

Fred said...

Hey...I watch Fox News. And, I'm only missing half the teeth as those two.

Karen said...

jack~ points well taken.

fred~ psssst... don't see any teeth missing! :o)