Kudos to 'DownWithTyranny'


an average patriot said...

love it!
Both of them are great! Bush is like a friggen little kid in a candy shop! Anyway when they were passing out brains he thought they said train and left! It is so sad what he has done tour kids and future generations and the asshole thinks it is great because people refuse to believe this has all been done on purpose. Then his new version though much smaller can them replace it. It will not be pretty!

BBC said...

Well, I won't be paying for it. Got under that radar ten years ago and now everything is free and clear and I'm as free as a breeze.

And all I have is all I need, freedom is just a choice you make.

BBC said...

Ever heard of bankruptcy? Ya just wipe the slate clean and start over again, hopefully wiser. Just let the government go bankrupt and hopefully the youth will rebuild it in wiser ways.

If they can get a handle on their needs and wants and greeds. Meanwhile, I'm getting ready for my next camping trip.

BBC said...

Just in case you have never noticed, America was settled by crooked motherfuckers and they lead us to this day.

Even George Washington was a fucking crook. The rest of us are just along for the ride.

Damn, I could use a good piece of pizza.

sage said...

I like the surge/splurge!