Chuck Hagel as Barack's VP... consider the possibilities!!!



Polly said...

Tell us out here who Chuck is, Please?

Keep up the good work Karen..you must get there in the end.

Karen said...

polly~ Sorry about that; I forget about my friends across the pond.

Here's some info from Wikipedia...

In Senator Hagel's new book, "America: Our Next Chapter", he suggests the United States should adopt independent leadership and possibly another political party. He also believes the Iraq War is one of the five biggest blunders in history. Hagel is critical of George W. Bush's foreign policy, calling it "reckless."

He has been a major critic of the war since it started, and has stated the United States should learn from their mistakes in the Vietnam War. He considers Bush's foreign policy a "ping pong game with American lives".

What's quite intriguing, Polly, is Chuck Hagel is a Republican, I would say a very liberal Republican.

BBC said...

Never heard of Chuck Hagel. Just another big nut that has worked his way to the top of the heap I suppose.

And what is so cool about being liberal? Unless of course you want to help pay for it with taxes because they sure don't want it coming out of their wallets.

'Liberal' is just another damn label,there is no such thing as a true liberal.

BBC said...

And he is an Episcopalian, he may as well be a damn Catholic.

an average patriot said...

He is my choice but just think about the one big negative! I think it would be great to unify and get Obama elected but what happens if something happens to Obama and Republicans have it once again? Though you know I do not expect them to let this go period. Too much power and their mis agenda is at stake. Something is going to happen!

Karen said...

bbc~ "Never heard of Chuck Hagel."

Go up to my response to polly and click on Wikipedia.

patriot~ "what happens if something happens to Obama and Republicans have it once again?"

I thought about that and Chuck Hagel would have to switch parties before Barack chose him. I'm sure that would be made clear.

an average patriot said...

Really? That is intriguing. Now I want him more than ever. That sounds promising! Do you think he would do that, switch parties?

BBC said...

Do you think he would do that, switch parties?

They will often do anything to help them win, the big nuts love being at the top. Especially Christian big nuts, they will pretend to be anything to get up there.

You want them to be Democrats? Okay, done deal.

I did look at the Wiki info hon.

Karen said...

patriot~ intriguing it is! Time will tell.

bbc~ Chuck Hagel isn't one of those so-called Christian conservatives. He's sane.

BBC said...

He's sane, yeah, right. He's just part of the landscape.

I had some other brilliant remark but I lost it.

BBC said...

Hell, I'm willing to bet that you think that you are sane. LOL

But not even Einstein thought that.