A Shortage at the Pump: Not of Gas, but of 4s

If one is the loneliest number, then four is the hottest — at least when it comes to gasoline.

With regular gas in New York City at a near-record $4.40 a gallon, station managers are rummaging through their storage closets in search of extra 4s to display on their pumps. Many are coming up short.

That’s why Vishal Nair, who runs the Lukoil station at Eighth Avenue and 13th Street in Greenwich Village, took another plastic number last week, turned it over and scribbled “4” on it with a black magic marker. The result was an obviously homemade “$4.47,” but it would have to do until he received the extra 4s he ordered months ago.



an average patriot said...

I wonder besides food and gas rationing I wonder what they are going to do when we have $10 gas after Iran is attacked?

Karen said...

e gads, patriot!

an average patriot said...

I know but watch!

Diane said...

Not to worry, with the rape of our coasts with offshore drilling, help is just a few decades away!

Karen said...

whew diane, forgot about that one!!

BBC said...

I'm hoping that it gets to ten bucks a gallon, but on the bright side there are plenty of ones and zero's around.

Don't look forward for drilling on our coasts for some time if it ever happens at all.

The only thing to do is to move away from the need for oil.